Cloud is Business First

Data Peace Team
March 26, 2018

We have been engaged with a number of clients who seek our help in getting on to the Cloud. Often the conversations are predicated on their own experiences on virtualization. Unfortunately, we find that most clients struggle to understand the import of Cloud

Here are three things we prompt our Clients towards when they begin their journey towards the Cloud:

Cloud is business first and technology later

It is, in essence, a model that assumes that you are ready to deploy pre-integrated services in the process wanting to benefit from available efficiencies and productivity gains. Cloud is at its heart a business thought and not a technology thought. What it means is that it requires CTOs to have a mindset shift from infrastructure towards business applications. There is also a mindset shift required from 100% customization to increased flexibility and efficiency of deployment.

Cloud is not a 'Stack'

CTOs often showcase their Cloud to us prompting us towards virtualized infrastructure (HCI and IT automation)and taking immense pride in their Kubernetes at scale. This is a classic case of missing the woods for the trees. These homegrown clouds or even third partner clouds become a ‘Stack’ only journey. This is such a waste. The primary idea behind Cloud is to get the business an edge by focusing on quick build outs of the applications.

Cloud is about Developers

No one who is an expert on Cloud will talk about storage, VMs, hardware, infrastructure etc. All these are a given for the modern Cloud ecosystem. We do not like to talk about these either for the same reason as we do not subscribe to the ‘Stack’ mentality. Cloud is about Developers and Business. It's about equipping the developers with world class infrastructure and best in class tools to rapidly create path-breaking applications for business.

These three are also your gauge of who really understands the Cloud. Next time someone talks to you about the Cloud keep a watchful eye that they are not misleading you on the primary constructs.