AI based chatbots have proven to be a boon for customer-centric organizations.According to a recent survey on customer engagement, majority of top-performing companies are inclined towards using AI to enhance their customer engagement.

Both Pre-sales and Post-sales Customer Engagement

From the inception of a product's idea to its sale, chatbots with varying functionalities are being utilized to obtain customer feedback, provide customers with quick and relevant responses and also to improve lead conversions.

With their effective use, AI-based chatbots along with predictive analytics solutions enable organizations to provide customers with satisfying results and positive experiences.They also make it possible for organizations to:

  • Understand customer's needs and expectations.
  • Allow creation of highly personalized marketing campaigns
  • Understand customer purchasing patterns.
  • Enable customer service representatives to deliver relevant actions and offers.
  • Guide customers through product upgrades, provide content or connect a potential lead with a salesperson.
  • Provide a personalized experience for each customer

Chatbots versus traditional Tele-calling

Chatbots, when compared to traditional telecalling, provide instant solutions to customers and also relieve them from the hassles of going through FAQ's to find solutions they need. The versatility of chatbots enables them to be deployed over any social media platform making the services easily accessible across multiple platforms. With AI and machine learning's evolution on an accelerated track, chatbot's ability to provide positive customer engagement are making them increasingly useful to sales and marketing teams.